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Real Life - Lifetime Membership Program

    The Penn State Alumni Association still ranks as the world's largest dues-paying alumni association. However, we're number two in total life members. In an effort to climb in the rankings and provide an additional revenue source for its affiliate groups at the same time, the Penn State Alumni Association as enlisted us in the effort to recruit new life members.

    So here's how it works: the Penn State Minnesota Alumni Chapter will receive $50 for every new life member recruited during the fiscal year. Our Chapter has been assigned a unique three digit code that is entered on the life membership form. At the end of the fiscal year on June 30, the Alumni Association will tally the number of lifer members recruited by the Penn State Minnesota Alumni Chapter. In August, payment will be made to our Chapter based on the number of recruits. This program rewards not only new Alumni Association life members, but also for converting current annual members to life membership.

    The Alumni Assocation now has an online application specifically for the Penn State Minnesota Alumni Chapter. When you sign up for your new Life Membership to the Penn State Alumni Association, please be sure to choose the "Minnesota Chapter" from the drop down menu so our Chapter receives the credit.