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    The following will be a brief restaurant guide to the downtown Minneapolis area, and isn't intended to be all-inclusive, but covers some of the local chapter's favorites. As a rule, reservations are a good idea on weekends, and dress tends to be on the casual/comfortable side except where noted. With a few exceptions, local eateries won't tend to break a budget, but some can easily run to $100 for two without drinks if you want to try the best.

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Steakhouses - all tend to be expensive, but all will provide enough good beef/lamb etc to satisfy any appetite.
  • Manny's Steakhouse: 1300 Nicollet (339-9900). Dressy, food enough for an army plus. $$$$
  • Murray's: 26 S 6th, (339-0909) Oldest, best known in town, try silver butterknife steak. $$$$
  • Morton's: 555 Nicollet (673-9700) Same comments $$$$
  • Carvers: 1001 Marquette, in Hilton. Same comments. $$$$
Italian - from most costly, dressy, to least.
  • D'amico Cucina: Butler Sq-100 N 6th,(338-2401) Arguably best in Midwest. $$$$
  • Italianni's: 6th and Hennepin. (305-4848) Interesting menu, good wines, casual $$
  • Café DiNapoli: 816 Hennepin (333-4949) Casual, general Ital menu $$
  • Buca: 12th and Harmon Does NOT accept reservations, but plentiful, good fare, often at the expense of a short wait for seating, Family style. $$
Seafood - (remember you're close to the middle of the continent) limited selection, but most local restaurants serve Walleye Pike - a recommended local specialty. Of the local places specializing in real seafood, the best are:
  • McCormick & Schmick's: 9th & Nicollet Mall (612-338-3300) Excellent seafood, newly opened sister to the justly famed flagship in Portland, OR. $$$$, worth it.
  • The Oceanaire Seafood Room: 50 South Sixth Street (612-333-2277) good food, casual, pricey $$$$ -dinner only
  • Anthony's Wharf: 201 SE main (378-7058) On riverfront, dinner only, $$$
  • Anchorage: 1330 Industrial Blvd (379-4444) 20 min cab ride, authentic. $$$
German - Tend to be loud, fun, fairly inexpensive
  • Black Forest Café-26th and Nicollet (872-0812) Good outdoor dining, beers etc. $$
  • Gasthof Zur Gemuchtlekeit: 2300 NE University (781-3860) Entertainment, good food, fun atmosphere. $$
Atmosphere - Selected for several reasons. Unique settings, special foods, other considerations.
  • Nicollet Island Inn: 95 Merriam St (331-3035) noted above. Best brunch in town, top. Location-riverfront. $$$
  • Palomino: 825 Hennepin (339-3800) Bistro with surprisingly wide menu, on skyway level. $$
  • Brit's Pub: 1110 Nicollet (332-3908) see above. Fine sidewalk café, brit food, brews $$
  • Kierans Irish Pub: 330 2nd Ave S (339-4499) Good Irish pub atmosphere-'nuf said. $$
  • The Local: 10th and Nicollet (904-1000) same as Kieran's, good food, atmosphere $$$
Great lunches, etc. - Good choices while out walking or exploring.
  • Gluek's Bar & Restaurant: 16 N 6th (338-6621) Wonderful melts, soups, beer. An old brewery. $$
  • Green Mill: 2626 Hennepin (374-2131) Considered by some to be the best pizza in Midwest. Busy, casual.$$
  • Café un, deux, trois: 114 S 9th (673-0686) French, moderate, D only on Sat $$
  • Rock Bottom Brewery: 825 Hennepin (332-BREW) good mini-brewery, food $$
    Downtown, you might try one of the cafes in the IDS crystal court (7th & Nicollet), made familiar by the Mary Tyler Moore show. Several restaurants in adjoining hotels are worth a look, but tend to be pricy.

    Otherwise, try your own luck locally. Some of the local spots will be closed for dinner if not all day on Sunday, so best to call if in doubt.

    Perhaps you note that the selection is devoid of continental, oriental, Greek or Mexican Places. At the moment, there is very scant selection downtown; but as you know, changes are always occurring, so check with other locals for your particular craving.