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Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a Web content syndication format that is used for news distribution and other types of update services. RSS technology makes it possible to deliver the latest news or alerts (in the form of headline links) to any RSS capable Web page, cell phone, pager, or handheld device a subscriber designates.

In essence, RSS allows you to subscribe to targeted information from a Web service in a manner similar to subscribing to a paper magazine.

Why use RSS for PSU MN Alumni News?

There are three ways to get PSU MN Alumni News:

You may find RSS a more convenient way to receive PSU MN updates. RSS can save you time and bandwidth. You won't have to remember to visit our Web site or check your e-mail. Breaking PSU MN News will arrive automatically in your favorite RSS reader on your computer. RSS can also be set up to work on your cell phone, pager, or handheld device, as long as the device is XML-compatible. Check with the device manufacturer for compatibility information.

How do I get the PSU MN Alumni News RSS?

Below is the list of currently available PSU MN Alumni RSS feeds:

Where can I learn more about RSS?

For in-depth information, see the Wikipedia entry for RSS.

How do I get help?